I was recently asked what, specifically, I would do in the Assembly. Where do I stand on topics?

The short answer is: I would work for Wisconsin, for the people of my district. I want to give back to my community. 

There is plenty of work to be done in the Appleton area. It is a wonderful community, full of hard-working men and women, and I want the best for all of them.

With my experience and background, I really want to make an impact in the areas of housing, education and fiduciary. Anything that moves Wisconsin forward, in a positive manner, is my objective.

In the Assembly I’ll be dedicated to keeping our state on track by prioritizing efforts, researching ideas and developing plans that will align with our goals. I will do all of this while keeping the concerns of my constituents in mind, using your insight and feedback to keep our district thriving.

Housing, Education and Fiduciary:

Why those three, you ask? Housing, Education and Fiduciary are topics that are both extremely important to our community and they are areas where I can provide the most insight based on my background and experience.

  1. I want to find and reduce inefficiency in government. I will suggest and develop ways for our agencies, departments and processes to become more streamlined by cutting out the middle men, cutting red tape, and promoting job and apprenticeship programs. I’ve spent a long time in government, – managing and running sections, overseeing operations – and I know there is a lot of inefficiency and waste. I am aware of the fraud and abuse, and I can draw on my experience in identifying and mitigating wasteful practices. I want to see our dollars spent wisely. 
  2. Housing is one area I am professionally involved in. Currently I run affordable, safe and clean housing for 66 families here in Appleton. My experience and knowledge in this field can help families struggling to find some stability. I want to find better business practices that provide good, safe, and affordable housing… something you’d be proud to raise your family in.  There are ways to improve housing – one of the best ways is to offer more options. The more housing options there are available, the more affordable and attainable they become. I believe family stability is key to individual growth and development because, as we all know, families need safety to succeed. 
  3. Along with safety, I believe education is paramount to success. Education is the summary of what we learn over time. People need to be employable; we need skill sets and an ability to employ them. We need experience and know-how to be able to apply our skills in the workforce. I am a champion of learning. I created a skill sharing platform for people to share and grow their knowledge base. My education platform BWISE is an app that provides a marketplace for in-person skill sharing.

    My father, uncles, and grandparents taught me many skills that I have applied countless times in life, and I want other people to have the same opportunity. The education I received provided me the tools I needed to be successful. I want to provide skill-based education opportunities such as job skill training, apprenticeship programs and life skill training.

Specifically, I will work with my constituents. I will encourage conversation and development towards solving problems. I want to help create policies that benefit the people and prevent loopholes for system abuse.

Eric Beach | Beach for 57th