I recently had the pleasure of meeting with members from the inspirational organization, No Better Friend.

No Better Friend Corp. implements and advocates for public policy solutions to the problems people face along with proactively working to reach out and bring new voices into the conservative movement. I met with President Kevin Nickolson, Executive Director Darryle Carlson, and Program Director Christopher Lawrence.

This fantastic organization operates in Wisconsin and advocates for ideas that have tangible solutions in the areas of economic growth, education, health care and promoting a culture of life. They are a driving force behind education opportunities for Wisconsin, a balanced economy, and they even take time to solve some of our simpler problems, like providing for young mothers. These are issues I fully support and plan to address upon my election.

I couldn’t be more proud to stand behind an organization such as this.

Chris Lawrence​, Program Director​, No Better Friend | Beach for 57th
Photo with Chris Lawrence​, Program Director​, No Better Friend.