Campaigning is interesting sometimes, because I get to talk to SO MANY people. Don’t get me wrong, I truly enjoy it, but often times you get to repeat a lot of information:

  • Hi my name is Eric. I was born here in Appleton, grew up in Kaukauna, and I have been working professionally in Appleton since 2001. I spent 21 years in the Army. I’ve founded and run two businesses. I run low cost housing and a skill-sharing education organization. 

This information tells you more about who I am, but now you might be wondering more about WHY I am running. Why am I fighting for the right to represent the people of this district?

I’m running because I am a concerned citizen. I was frustrated. I found myself complaining, but complaining is meaningless without action. If you want to impact change, you must be involved. If you’re the greatest armchair quarterback in the world, you’re still just an armchair quarterback. One day I just decided I won’t be idle anymore. I will take a stand and work for us. I won’t complain anymore. I am tired of the inefficiency of government, tired of the infighting, and tired of seeing people’s needs go unmet.

 Things I spend a great deal of effort or thought on:

  • Low cost housing: I spend a lot of time, effort and thought on how to maintain low cost housing and how to better provide that for people. How can we help people achieve housing they can afford that is safe, clean, and in a good environment to raise and maintain a family?
  • Education: how do we teach, train, share and acquire knowledge? Knowledge and skill are critical to success in life. A person that can provide a task in the marketplace and knows how to employ their skillset can engage in business. I want to encourage and support all training, apprenticeship, education and job placement efforts. I want everyone to have an opportunity to succeed.
  • Government waste: Aside from ensuring people have the resources needed for success, I will focus on wasteful government practices. I don’t know how to break this to you, but our government agencies and departments do not operate efficiently. It’s not the fault of the workers, but the structure of the organization. Our agencies are tasked with controlling, monitoring and providing our social services. They (agencies and departments) operate off of different fees and taxes (the things that provide for their budget) and provide the services we have been asking them to. I’d like to further challenge them to operate more efficiently. Where are the middlemen and unnecessary red tape? How can we meet the needs of the people easier, and how can we do this without raising taxes? Can departments, agencies and municipalities earn money? Can they sell services to the people (customers) that need it, in an effort to not raise taxes?

I plan to work for the people of Appleton by also being assigned to one or more committees in the legislature. My goal is to work with my fellow committee members on issues related to housing, education, jobs, economy, and fighting for equal opportunity for our resources for everyone.

  • I will work to understand the needs and constraints.
  • I will engage both sides to understand the full picture.
  • I will make suggestions and ask questions.
  • I will do research and present my findings to the committee.
  • I will be a good team player, a fiscal conservative, and a progressive voice for needed changes.

Wisconsin needs someone that takes action. I am someone that doesn’t assign blame. I can identify the problem and not just the symptom. I look for outside-the-box solutions. I am creative and thoughtful.

I am a concerned citizen, tired of the infighting and inefficiencies of our government. I will make a difference and be a strong, committed voice for Fox Valley and Wisconsin.

Stop Complaining | Beach for 57th