I’m often asked, “who is your campaign manager?” Honestly, I don’t have just one. I work with a group of dedicated individuals who are more of an assemblage of very wise constituents. They are people who are willing to listen and provide a sounding board for me, and I am very thankful for feedback and support. The members of this “wise assemblage” fluctuates as I meet more and more inspirational people throughout the Appleton area.

For example, on a recent stop I met Chad Kennow. He runs a local computer repair service and is now homeschooling AND home-churching his children.

My conversation with Chad was truly inspirational. We discussed why we fight so hard for what we believe in and why we make so many sacrifices. It was all about why we do what we do, and who we do it for. It’s for our families, our community, our country. Our legacy is what we leave behind, not things but the people we positively impact. Everything from a kind word, to life long mentorships and opportunities.

We chatted over the upcoming debates, and he counseled me to read the Bible to prepare. He talked about how we should not just be hearers of the word but doers of the word — and that we shouldn’t play favorites (identity politics). He advised that faith without action is dead. His words really resonated with me.

I always consider myself to be a person of action, and being idle is a lack of action. We should actively try to do good work. We should not use our wealth to oppress others. The good work we do is to please God in our daily life by controlling our tongue. There is wisdom in waiting for the lord, and restoring a sinning brother.

So in this instance, Chad was my campaign manager – one of the greatest contributors. I am grateful for the wisdom and encouragement he shared with me.

Campaign Manager, Chad | Beach for 57th