Eric Beach for 57th Assembly

A strong, committed Republican voice
for Fox Valley and Wisconsin

Eric Beach for 57th Assembly

A strong, committed voice for Fox Valley and Wisconsin



A person of values. A person of action. A local businessman. A military veteran who has served you with pride and honor.

He has worked professionally in the community since 2001, first serving full-time in Appleton’s own 2-127th Infantry Battalion, a National Guard unit.  After doing this for 15 years, and retiring with 20+ years of service and two combat deployments side-by-side with many of the Fox Valley’s own sons and daughters, Eric started two businesses in the community. The first of these, Beach House LLC, provides housing to 68 Appleton families and retail space for local businesses. The second, Free Market Education LLC, ventures into on-line services, providing real-time, cutting-edge training and training management for government and commercial clients through the BWISE mobile platform.

Eric is a concerned citizen, tired of the infighting and inefficiencies of our government. He will make a difference and be a strong, committed voice for Fox Valley and Wisconsin. 

Eric has demonstrated the best types of selfless service, to our Fox Valley community and to our nation. His values are Fox Valley Values:  protecting, providing, giving back, and doing all this in a spirit of cooperation that puts citizens over politics.

Being a business-owner, Eric understands both the struggles of customers and the requirements and the gotchas that are built into our current system, positioning him to work on your behalf to streamline processes and provide better government service to families, businesses, and our community.

Eric has raised a beautiful family with three young girls. He works hard to keep them safe, healthy and educated.